Your Business Matters.

It’s Our Business to Advocate Why.

We understand California government and help clients make an impact on the issues that matter.

We serve as trusted advisors and lobbyists to help clients navigate the political, legislative and regulatory processes of Sacramento. We provide a straightforward understanding of how to manage the critical issues that impact your interests.

We are aggressive, creative and results-oriented. Whether advancing or protecting the interests of a client, our full-service firm has you covered. Our experience is diverse and unique to the business of Sacramento advocacy. And every client is serviced by a partner.


Our diverse experience includes working with clients from health care and financial services to the energy and transportation industries.  There’s no substitute for real experience.  Let’s talk.


Relationship Building

Creating opportunities to get to know the decision-makers


Directing your interests before legislators, committees, commissions, regulatory authorities and key government figures

Strategic Planning

Navigating the landscape and issues that will impact your business matters

Budget Advocacy

Identifying opportunities to work with state resources

Grassroots and Coalition Building

Expanding support among stakeholders, communities, and like-minded partners.

Public Affairs

Mobilizing media and local assets statewide to drive impact and influence outcomes


Peter Kellison

Peter has been an active influencer on California’s most substantial health care, workers’ compensation, pharmacy and prescription drug issues in the state’s modern history.

Fred Main

Fred has a deep understanding of state tax and fiscal issues and has been closely involved in shaping California’s technology industry policies.

J. Kevin Pedrotti

Kevin is known for political insights, masterly assisting a diverse client base on health care, insurance and business industry issues.

Rosanna Carvacho Elliott

Rosanna has vast experience in the realm of California policy and politics and can navigate complex issues and relationships with policymakers and businesses.

Monica Kirkland

Monica leverages her organizational and administrative skills to be the driving force behind the scenes of the Clear Advocacy team.

When making an impact requires influencing public perception and recruiting allies, we have you covered with a trusted team of strategists who know how to communicate, influence, and build campaigns.

Luis Quinonez

Luis is one of Sacramento’s foremost public affairs experts, understanding how to forward a legislative strategy with campaigns that deliver results.

Guy Chipparoni

Chip is a strategist who understands the intersection of communications and politics and delivers creative approaches to clients’ most challenging issues.

Julia Sznewajs

Julia provides senior-level strategic counsel across industries including healthcare, energy, environment, transportation and education.

Bernie Goméz

Bernie has served as Art Director, Creative Director and Vice President of several worldwide companies.

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