Clear Advocacy LLC offers all clients precise personal service guaranteed to strengthen every client's representation over a full spectrum of issues and political needs. Clear Advocacy LLC can be retained to provide any or all of a broad range of services tailored as necessary to accomplish a client's short and long-term goals.


  • Direct Lobbying – Representing client interests before legislators, legislative committees, commissions, regulatory hearings and key government figures.
  • Strategic Planning – Anticipating issues and creating long and/or short-term strategies required to successfully manage government-related problems.
  • Budget Advocacy – Seeking state funding for a client’s products and services.
  • Political Activity – Developing and recommending political support for elected officials interested in a client’s issues.
  • Grass Roots Activity – Utilization of a client’s local resources to develop important relationships and influence government action.
  • Coalition Building – Expand support for a client’s issues among stakeholders, community leaders and like-minded organizations. 
  • Personal Relationships – Creating networking opportunities where clients can meet with decision-makers throughout government. 
  • Business Development – Positioning a client for opportunities in California’s competitive marketplace.